Logan McCree

Logan McCree in a short period of time has gone from newcomer to one of the most sought after performers in the industry. Logan is best known for his rippling physique, which is almost completely covered in tattoos. Logan has been shooting features since 2007. That same year he was signed to an exclusive contract with Raging Stallion studios. Logan made his big debut in 2007’s Ink Storm. His unique look made waves in the industry; combined with his versatile performance, Logan became an instant sensation.

Logan admins to being a quiet, normal guy who prefers sensual lovemaking to the kind of intense fucking he performs on screen. He performed in Barback with Matthieu Paris and has performed with Tober Brandt and Dak Ramsey for HairyBoyz. He has also performed with Mike Dreyden for HairyBoyz.

Age: 32
Sign: Capricorn
On His Tattoos : "They protect me and make me look less human and vulnerable. They symbolize angels,” he explains.
Steve Cruz, Ricky Sinz & Logan McCree

Logan McCree and Barbie Star

Logan McCree and Bo Matthews

Logan McCree and Goran

Logan McCree and Jack Dragon

Logan McCree and Jake Deckard

Logan McCree and Roman Ragazzi

Logan McCree and Steve Cruz

Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo